24lb. Classic Linen Writing Envelopes


2 Color: +40.00
Quantity 1000|2000|5000: +100.00|+180.00|+500.00
Envelope Type
#10 Linen Envelope White| |#10 Linen Envelope Natural White||#10 Linen Envelope Ivory||#10 Linen Envelope Grey|#10 Linen Envelope Whitestone|#10 Linen Envelope Silverstone: +50.00|+50.00|+50.00|+50.00|+50.00|+50.00

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We can design and print many, many different sizes and shapes of the envelope. These can range in format from the most basic black on a regular #10 business envelope to complex designer envelopes.
Once your order is placed, a team member will contact you regarding getting your artwork started or to confirm any artwork which you have uploaded to us. No production will begin till you have approved the artwork for the piece you are ordering.
Pricing is considering the customer providing the artwork for the project. Additional fees maybe are required if we are to create your artwork, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Projects with an extreme rush may be also be adjusted. All pricing is subject to change. For any question on pricing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Additional information

Ink Colors

1 Color, 2 Color(+$40.00)


500, 1000(+$100.00), 2000(+$180.00), 5000(+$500.00)

Envelope Type

#10 Linen Envelope White(+$50.00), #10 Linen Envelope Natural White(+$50.00), #10 Linen Envelope Ivory(+$50.00), #10 Linen Envelope Grey(+$50.00), #10 Linen Envelope Whitestone(+$50.00), #10 Linen Envelope Silverstone(+$50.00)


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